G-Train Fitness Center

The Center is a 24-hour fitness gym open to the general public located between Studio City and North Hollywood in the heart of

Valley Village, CA. 

Created by Garry Matthews, owner and inventor of the G-Train Fitness System, the Center is known for its unique and versatile fitness environment. Garry has been in the training business for over 20 years, and it was his dream to open a gym where trainers felt comfortable and part of a team environment as opposed to a corporate facility. He also wanted to provide a gym where individuals had access to equipment professional athletes utilize in their training regimen in addition to the usual gym machines and weights.

Whether you are looking for a gym to workout in, a group class or a trainer, the Center offers it all. No initiation fees or long term contracts!

Feel free to pop in to see the gym or contact us for more information.


Monday - Friday: 6am to 8:30pm

Saturday: 7am to 2pm

Sunday: 9am to 2pm

The gym is accessible 24/7 via an app that opens the door. 

*STAFFED Hours differ throughout the year for holidays.

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